Friday, October 14, 2011

All about skin ~ Part 1

So we have the cover of Vogue. You see this gorgeous, size 0,waist length haired, blonde model who on top of all this has glowing skin which looks like a beige PVC panel with the texture of silk.

Then we have you, {insert any name here}. You have redness, discolorations, acne, scars, freckles, zits, blackheads, puffy eyes, dry lips or worse: all of the above. No, you are not the ugliest person on earth, you are NORMAL. We sure cannot achieve the vogue look IRL, but hey, we always have photoshop.
What I mean to say is we shouldn't chase the unrealistic but I am more than happy to offer some useful tips to minimize your problems.
I am not gonna talk about acne cause I never had one and I only like to write about things I have experienced myself. And while I was blessed to have 1 zit per month maximum my whole life, I myself have issues with discolorations. I have gotten over my shame and grief in time, but I know that any of these can REALLY affect your confidence.
So, Lesson One.
DON'T touch your skin. And I don't mean "never touch it" but stop touching and scratching and leaning on your hands for no reason. Our hands are full of bacteria and zits are caused mostly by -well- bacteria.

My OCD makes me wash my hands approximately 7 times while doing my makeup. Well, that may be an exaggeration but never blend and apply products on your face with unwashed, unsterilized hands. The same applies to your brushes, wash them regularly with a brush shampoo to keep them clean. I use the MAC one or sometimes the e.l.f studio one, it's a nice cheap alternative for like 4 Euros.
Lesson two. NEVER sleep with your makeup on. Even when I return home at 7 am, even if I am so drunk I can't walk, I always remove my makeup. While you are sleeping your skin actually rejuvenates and restores it's balance. You don't want to ruin this process by burying it under unnatural products. Try layering a good night creme or moisturizing mask with some aromatic essential oils (which also help you relax) instead. My favorite skin care brand is Darphin but I am going to dedicate a whole post to them later on cause these products are SO cool.
And this brings us to a tip known for centuries.. Beauty Sleep. Believe it or not, plenty of rest and at least 8-9 hours of sleep at night make a HUGE difference to your skin (as well as to your whole body). Take it from me, skipping proper sleeping hours means you sacrifice healthy skin, fresh, renewed skin.

I could make this post 1500 pages long so I gotta stop. Part 2 with more tips coming soon!
Till next time,
xoxo Dee

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