Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review : e.l.f lipstick

E.l.f main range lipsticks only cost 1,5 pound and I have to say, they are some my favorite products this year!
Here are some swatches to take a look at first:
From Left to Right : Seductive , Fantasy , Gypsy, Voodoo
The colours are all well pigmented and on the lips they have a smooth, rather matte application.

When I was buying them I was rather sceptical. Will a 1,5 pound lipstick really last more than 10 minutes?
Well they all do last for a long time (even after lunch and coffee-my ultimate test drive) and keep my lips hydrated at the same time.
The packaging is neat and practical, as you can see the actual color of the lipstick without taking the cap off. It looks like this:
It contains 3,5 grams of actual product which is good quantity for it's price.
Overall, value for money is excellent! I'm planning on buying all available shades! What about you :) ?
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  1. Great swatches :) i love the mineral lippies i have just done a review on them pop over to my page when you have time